Athena Resources Limited (“Company”) strives to be an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against prospective employees based on gender or any other non-skill related characteristic. The Company prides itself on the diversity of its staff and encourages suitably qualified young people, women, people from cultural minorities and people with disabilities to apply for positions. It aims where possible to provide flexible working arrangements and improve the skills of its people through training and education.

To achieve its objectives, the Company endeavours to recruit, develop and retain a talented and motivated workforce in an environment where all employees feel comfortable, included and valued.

The Company operates in a sector which is experiencing significant skill shortages and has a relatively low number of employees. Whilst efforts will be made to identify suitably qualified female candidates and candidates from a diversity of backgrounds when seeking to fulfil positions, the Company does not believe it is meaningful, nor in the best interests of shareholders to set formal targets for female participation nor detailed policies in this regard.

As the Company grows, it aspires that its workforce profile will reflect as far as possible the diversity in the communities in which it operates. The Company monitors and reports on the gender diversity of its Directors, Executives and workforce.